90% of Visible Aging is Caused By Environmental Damage

| by Skinceuticals, under Wellness

 Know the facts about how to protect your skin and you'll be less likely to face wrinkles, brown spots, and skin cancer.

Good sun protection isn't just about avoiding direct sunlight or hot summer sun.  Just because you're indoors doesn't mean the sun can't fin you - window glass blocks the UVB light that causes sunburns, but cell-damaging UVA rays still penetrate.  UVA Rays make up 95% of our UV exposure.  These rays penetrate glass, clothing, clouds and the DERMIS... contributing to Photo-aging.

Another key element when it comes to protection is Infrared Radiation.  Infrared Radiation is Heat.  We are exposed to infrared radiation dozens of times per day; ovens, hairdryers, radiators, any object that emits heat.  Believe it or not but Infrared Radiation has a deeper penetration than UVA Rays and targets Dermal Fibroblasts contributing even more to Photo-aging.


Sunscreens are Skin's 1st Line of Defense.  But even the best sunscreens only block up to 55% UV-induced free radicals and none of the IR-induced free radicals.

SkinCeutical's Antioxidants protect against the range of solar radiation where sunscreen filters cannot.  CE Ferulic Acid is clinically proven to prevent IRA induced photo-damage.  The latest breakthrough research shows the not only does CE Ferulic neutralize IRA - induced free radicals but also prevents IRa-induced collagen breakdown while stimulating collagen synthesis. 

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