Don't forget your feet this Holiday Season

| by Anne, under Wellness

The Holidays are upon us, and with everything else going on it’s easy to give up on those little “maintenance” issues to save time.  Yes, I’m talking about your feet.  It may seem silly to spend time taking care of them when the cold weather seems to send you reaching for your UGGS daily, but there are some very good reasons not to let the winter go by without a pedicure!  In your daily routine your feet can take pressure up to four times your body weight, so keep that in mind as you’re doing laps around the mall trying to find that perfect gift.  Callouses that build up on your feet can lead to cracks, called fissures, that can become infected.  Not to mention that the dead skin that builds up can increase foot odor.  The massage done during pedicures can help increase the circulation in your legs and reduce swelling in your legs and feet.  And you don’t want to get that last minute party invitation and not be able to wear your favorite dancing shoes, or have to keep your feet covered during cozy times by the fire.  Last but not least, keeping up with your pedicures also means your feet won’t require as much work to get back into shape in the spring.  So pick out a nice sparkly color and get your toes in on the holiday party action!

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